Strictly Simple from Tosin- SST

The christian is not someone that tells people he is one,the christian is someone people affirm to be one;that’s how it started in the first place(Acts 11:26b…were first CALLED…). It shouldn’t change now;however,the former is A Christian,which everyone claims to be, as its only vocal,the latter is The Christian,involving character,Big Difference…
Oluwatosin Olabode

Good day sir,


You need to understand that we are in the world, but not of the world. This is because our home is in heaven.

Now, since we are citizens of heaven here on earth, it would only be proper to state that earth must be conducive enough for us to be able to accomplish our God given mandates- implying that heaven can be found on earth, but no earth in heaven (as we are not from earth in heaven). This is why in the final days, everything will pass away,but for the word of God that remains.

Remember, in the beginning of creation, we were created in the image and likeness of God, and the Word of God is God, because, in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the Word was God- the same Word became flesh, and we know only Jesus who is God became flesh for our sins, then, if this is true(and it is true), it means that we are the image of the Word; and so, if the Word remains, so do we… eternally(though it depends were some people’s eternity will be(hell I mean)but for us(that have been saved by grace) and you that is willing to become the son of God (therefore not being of this world), we have our eternity returning back home as worthy ambassadors.

Note, He came to the world and the world knew him not, this is only because He isn’t one of them- but to those that accepted Him; this means that there are people in the world who have also realised that they are not from the world- and so recognised Him when He came, because they are from the same place…

While there is no world in the word, the word can be found in the world, therefore, if your desire is to go back to heaven (where there is no earth), stop doing earthly things(things that don’t  glorify God) and start doing heavenly things(things that glorify God). I’m sure you get the idea… a godly lifestyle is still possible in our generation.

Remember, while coming to earth is not much of a choice, going back to heaven is. It’s yours to choose today- God gave us that choice!

Would you be so kind as to let me deliver a brief message to you…

Good day sir/ma,
if you would like to know more about the idea of heaven and how to eternally be in Christ, kindly visit my YES TO JESUS page immediately, and if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour (which means you’re sure of heaven) then witness this truth to others as the crown of soul willing awaits you in heaven…

Thank you and God bless.

Oluwatosin Olabode (SST).

Do you not know that what’s done is done?


Do you remember that unborn child?
Do you remember that aborted idea?
Do you still remember, the days that have come to pass?


Today is that aborted child’s birthday.
Today, that idea was meant to safe a life.
Today is the day, you tried so desperately to forget.


Feeling bad isn’t good enough!
People judging you is even worse!
The most annoying though, is blaming it on life!

You are unto thyself a god.
The power of control over your life is in your acceptance.
You are the course of your ‘problems’ and with equal weight- ‘solutions’.

You can change your future but never the past
What’s done is done
Regretting affects your approach to the future
It never influences the past
What’s done is done

It’s bad enough that you were in a mess
Stop missing the message therein
The pain is only worth it if the essence is learnt
Imagine the pains of labour without any child brought froth


As we remember today our markers
                                           And Pointers;
Those things the world has labelled us with
Let us not look back but forward HOPEFUL
With an attitude of gratitude to the one that has kept us thus far.

Dear God,
I come from a long list of generation EX
Abortionists… Addicts… hypocrites…
The list goes on and on- you know were you once were
You know were you still are…

Forgive me
Forgive us
Forgive them
For we now know
Though we knew not what we were doing.

Happy birthday dear- had I been strong, you would be 20 today.
Welcome to the world my long lost idea- it’s never too late.
Yes I remember those days- they are the fuel channeling my future aright.

Oluwatosin Olabode (sst).

God bles you.

Don’t You Dare!

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‘Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it…. there is only one Law-giver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you- who are you to judge your neighbour?’ – James 4:11-12.

Don’t You Dare!

Don’t you dare judge me;
you’ve no idea what I’ve been through.
Don’t you dare judge me;
you have no idea who I would become
to conclude on my present.
Don’t you dare,
don’t you dare judge me…

This stigma has eaten us deep enough. People need to stop feeling better than us even if they think they are. We all need to stop intimidating others by reason of the grace (through Christ) that we’ve attained; this grace that others do not have the knowledge of yet. Without complete knowledge or absolute understanding- they need to stop condemning me, no matter how bad I’ve become, for even Christ himself, never came to condemn me (John 3:17), though He is our Chief Judge (Psalm 96:13, Ezekiel 18:30, 1 Peter 1:17).

‘Do not judge or you too will be judged… you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eyes, and then you will be able to see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eyes…’
Matthew 7:1-5

‘You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself… so when you, a mere man pass judgement on them and yet do the same things, do you think you would escape God’s judgement?…’
Romans 2:1-5

We are asked to ‘examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. To test ourselves’ to realize Christ is in us (2 Corinthians 13:5). If Christ is in us, then we are a representation of Him here on earth. This implies that our actions as Christ-like people, Christians and God’s creation; should be in line with the Image and Person of Christ Jesus.

‘Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you would be forgiven’– Luke 6:37

‘For (even) God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world though him’- John 3:17

The concept of judging entails having a strong opinion about something- trying to evaluate that thing. To be able to accomplish this task one would need to be on the absolute- So as to gain total understanding of all perspectives and motive.

Now, because man is limited by reason of knowledge- only God is fit to judge the heart of man. However, man is allowed to judge the character of man, for by this; we are absolute by the word of God- the living word of God.
(1 Corinthians 6: 2, 4-5, 2: 15)

In doing the above, we judge (rebuke, correct) the sinfulness of man. We do not judge (condemn) the sinner. We put into perspective a careful and exact attitude of Christ (Romans 5:8). Every judgment a man makes must be backed-up by the word of God, because man judges based on preference, perception, mind-set and in totality; the knowledge he has acquired. This alone can be the foundation of all errors because like a writer puts it:

‘That you are strong in someone’s weaknesses, does not mean you are not weak in someone’s strength’– Double_ST *sst*

This is why God in His word asked us not to judge by human standards (John 8:15-18), and appearances (John 7:24, James 2:1-4). We are asked instead to be carefu,l for we judge unto the Lord (2 Chronicles 19:6). For this understanding to make meaning in our daily living, obedience to the word of God and principles is key and a necessity, as this unlocks its potentials (Zechariah 3:7, 1 King 3:9-13); for by ourselves, we can do nothing (John 5:30).

The place of judging people is in the hands of God- for he is all-knowing. We are admonished by Apostle Paul in Timothy to preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction (2 Timothy 4:2). Nowhere- nowhere in Scripture are we asked to judge (condemn) anyone! 

Food for Thought-

‘The saint and the sinner- who is more likely to make heaven? If the Saint- who then is he, but one that was once a sinner. If this is true; what then makes you so sure that this sinner too won’t make it to heaven? Not as he is off-course, but as he would be when you correct and not condemn him; thus allowing God’s grace to work in Him’- Double_ST *sst*

They will sing before the Lord
for He comes
He comes to judge the world in righteousness
and the people in his truth- Psalms 96:13.

So if you want to judge me and you are not God- DON’T YOU DARE!!!

Feel free to correct me though… God Bless.


Oluwatosin S. Olabode SST

Don’t You Think we Need to Wakeup?


You know you were once better,
You know you want to be better,
You know you need to be better,
But you know you ain’t getting any better…

You know there is a zeal,
You know you’ve broken the seal,
You know you desire to heal,
But you know you ain’t committed to the deal…

You have suddenly forgotten the communication called ‘prayer’,
You have even lost touch with patience in that area,
You worry but never work to become better,
But when you get ‘to thinking’-
you always remain bitter…

You are neither hot nor cold,
Neither here nor there,
Neither weak nor strong,
You are walking in grace-
when your life, to Him, speaks disgrace…

You could be better,  but you’re not,
Even worse- you do not know ‘where you’re not’,
You perceive and assume to be safe,
But your thoughts are far from the truth-
as the south is from the north.

If you were a better christian/believer/person,
Yesterday than today,
And your words are louder than your lifestyle,
Then, you’re in a Spiritual Coma,
In this state, the only city is known as ‘Sleep’

Spiritual Coma-
Don’t you think we need to wake up?

     Oluwatosin Olabode (sst)

The Antidote!


She let herself into our room quietly and sat on the arm of the couch by the door, with her arms folded across the chest.

It was about 11:00am and I was folding some clothes scattered on the bed whilst listening to soft tunes on my phone. I knew she’d come into the room but I didn’t look up. Then she said,

“So…how much is your school fee?”

My heart skipped a beat, and then began thumping fiercely against my thoracic cage.

I sighed. I hated this question: its sound, its tone, and worse still, the answer I was about to give her…

“Six hundred and seventy-five thousand naira.”

She sighed deeply and I swore I could hear the despair in its shallow depths. Summoning courage, I looked at her. At 62, mum looked so distraught and sad that I began to wonder what her B.P was at that moment…

“Do you have to pay it before you’ll be allowed into the hostel?” She asked.

“Yes” then I added “but one must not pay the whole thing; there’s a minimal amount that can be paid this 1st semester, then the rest will be paid off next semester”, to ease her pain.

“Are you to pay into the bank or directly to the school?”

“Yes, I have a customized teller from the school.”



“So, when are you going back?” she asked, as she rubbed her cheek absent-mindedly.

“This weekend, by God’s grace.” I replied

“This weekend…” she muttered.


“O.k.” then she left the room, slowly.

This was a scene that played each time I had to resume school for a new session or semester. It was my 7th semester in school, yet I hadn’t gotten used to the scene and the emotions it provoked in me. Each episode hurt like a fresh wound.

Sinking down on the bed, I tried so hard to ignore the familiar emotions that erupted, to no avail. My eyes began tearing up, so I went down on my knees (so no one would disturb me) and cried uncontrollably- silent quaking sobs that shook my entire core. Father, why? Why do I have to cry my eyes out before my fees are paid? Why didn’t you provide them with jobs after their retirement so we wouldn’t have to go through this? Why is everything in my life so stagnant? Haven’t we suffered enough? Why…why…why???

As I knelt there weeping, I felt a peaceful assurance that God knew everything going on and that He had a plan for my life and He’ll provide my needs at the right time. So I got up, wiped my face with a towel and continued my chores.

Much later, I went to the dining room to get a drink. As I walked through the sitting room, I saw my mum sitting on the sofa, with her legs crossed at the ankles, staring blankly ahead, lost in thoughts. I walked to her, rubbed her shoulder slowly and said

“Mummy, I hope you’re not thinking too much. Don’t worry, oh? God will provide.”

She smiled at me and I smiled back, and then walked into the dining room. Memories came flooding back, provoking my emotions again and causing my eyes to tear up. I bit back the tears and cautioned myself to remember God’s word and to trust in him ‘cause he’s got it all planned out. Then I sank into the rich depths of my thoughts were I found solace.

Ever since my dad retired (while I was in JSS2) and everything seemed to go downhill, I had made ‘thinking’ my faithful companion. Wait a sec! It’s not the kinda thinking that shoots up the B.P.  No, it’s that kind which lifts your mind’s eye above the dilapidated state you’re in and makes you behold a brighter future, a beam of light at the end of a dark tunnel…

Yeah, that’s the kind I’m talking about!

So, for every situation I go through that tends to weigh me down, my mind forms thoughts that neutralize its destructive effect and restores peace, serenity and stability. It’s like a buffer!

Each time my parents tell me that there’s no money, I think of the time when I’d be a Doctor and send them money regularly so that they’d live in priceless comfort.

Each time I see my mum trekking home from church or taking a bike to the market, I remember what she told me few years ago. She had said “see, I’m not asking for so much. When you start working, I just want you to buy me a small Jeep; small, because I won’t have to carry any of you.” And now I think of the time when I’ll get her a brand new one.

Each time I see a tear in my parents’ clothing, I think of the time when my siblings and I would order for the richest garments from different parts of the world and have it delivered to them.

Each time I hear my siblings talk about their travails, I think of the time when they’d be experts, of world renown, in their chosen careers.

Each time I fail to answer a question in class or realize that I’m ignorant of the answer to a question asked, I think of the time when, as a lecturer in a Medical school, I’d strive to help academically-weak students.

Each time I’m hungry and broke, I think of the time when I’d visit my children (or my nieces and nephews) in school and take them out to eat. I think of how I wouldn’t want them to lack a dime.

Each time I look at my closet and the few clothes in it and I see my friends with their boxes of cloths, I think of the time when I’d design and make my own clothes to the admiration of all.

Each time I look at my spiritual life in its state of despair, I envision a time when I’d be so close to God that I’ll draw my every breath and word from him and hear him call me ‘Son..’ not just ‘my child’.

And each time I think that I may not pass or even write the 2ND MB, I envision myself as a world-renowned poet, writer, research specialist and Oncologist.

Don’t get me wrong; thinking doesn’t solve my problems. It’s something I indulge in to soothe my aching heart- like a Chinese balm. It reminds me of the fact that God sees, knows and has got a plan, and that despite the situation now, there’s a brighter day ahead. I believe everyone has a way of handling life’s situations- a balm that soothes the delicate core of man. It may be singing, dancing, reading God’s word, recounting his past works and his promises…it varies greatly but mine is in the golden depths of my thoughts.

But then, I don’t just think; I pray and work towards it.

Thinking is my ‘Le Chatelier’s principle’…THE ANTIDOTE.


UCHE-ORJI, Onyinyechi O.


Can They Really Change Who We Are?

The Unchanging Power of the Truth 

A Study on Matthew 27:32-61- With a Key Focus on Verse 37


‘… and set up over His head His accusation written, ‘this is Jesus the king of the Jews’…”-Vs 27

From our understanding of the bible, the Jews didn’t believe and still do not believe Jesus to be the King of the Jews (the Messiah). This was even the accusation labeled against Him as scripture explains it, but why wasn’t the inscription “This is Jesus who claims to be the king of the Jews”?

Yes, in so doing they tried to mock Him, but when dealing with the Truth, whether consciously or unconsciously, even your enemies cannot deny it. It is important to note that it would have made more sense if the inscription was the latter expression because; there were people who didn’t know Jesus as King, let alone as someone who claimed to be one.

Therefore, it would only be normal for them to see Jesus and know exactly what he is guilty of- Remember, the inscriptions  are placed so that people can know what your offense is; In the case of the robbers, anyone seeing them would know they were guilty of robbery, not that the claimed to have robbed. But in the case of Jesus, as the Bible tells us, the Jews did not crucify Him because ‘He claimed to be the king’ but because ‘He is the king’. With their mouth they said and wrote it, as is recorded in verse 37…

The point is this- As seen from Vs.51-54, the truth will always come out; though delayed- it can never be denied.  When people falsely accuse you, or when people try to hold you down from the truth of who you are, learn from Jesus- hold on to God and they themselves,  will be the once to affirm to the truth of who you are.

Jesus at any point could have wanted to ‘show off’ and freed Himself from them “but for the joy set before Him, He endured till the very end”. One Key truth Christ left us with from this message is that when we find ourselves in such trying times ( of whatsoever nature), whatever decision we decide to take should always remain in the will of God and in so doing, in the very presence of our accusers,  we will be liberated.

I therefore decree and declare for you today, with the name that is above all names; that in the name of Jesus, anyone that wants to deny the glory God has placed upon your life, will be the same person to promote it in Jesus name!!!

For a clearer understanding of this prayer, here’s the story of Joseph and Esther-as seen in Genesis 37-41 and Esther 2-7, respectively

Joseph had a dream, in this dream, he was to become great- he told his brothers, and immediately,  they sort on how to bring him down (The thing is this, when God is on your side, anything else anyone does will turn out to be working for your good), but ended up leading him to his promise land. What they thought for evil, God turned it around for good!

In the story of Esther, Haman wanted to rubbish Modeciah and all the people that came to town with Esther. After a proper plan on how he was to destroy them (The thing is this, when the enemy is planning to destroy you, God is at the same time planning to bless you), Haman, himself was the one who ended up promoting Modeciah.

When the enemy is done planning; God’s blessings always come. If the enemy doesn’t repent, he will fall into that trip he set for you.

Here’s the good news and the message of the cross, the enemy can repent; that is why Christ died on the cross- To Bring Forgiveness and Hope in Salvation.


God bless you as you walk in His footsteps…

Oluwatosin Olabode (Sst)