Strictly Simple from Tosin- SST

The christian is not someone that tells people he is one,the christian is someone people affirm to be one;that’s how it started in the first place(Acts 11:26b…were first CALLED…). It shouldn’t change now;however,the former is A Christian,which everyone claims to be, as its only vocal,the latter is The Christian,involving character,Big Difference…
Oluwatosin Olabode

I Love You- More than just a Word

And so, I thought to myself- Yo Tosin, what did you just do… I know this feeling…. Holy Spirit take the lead- what’s past has passed for a reason. Therefore I put up this piece for any one that has ever been in love or hurt from love and to those who will be in love soon enough (again). It’s an outpouring of the mind, Learn from it- it’s an Idea, a perspective to your situation, unique to your own understanding.  Learn from it-
the 1st 6 stanzas gave ‘birth’ to the 7th stanza, which in turn produces the last 5 stanzas. This is a contextual piece, Happy Read!


Still relevant were my imperfections,
Yes I was full of repeatations,
Even though I had full blown confessions
that I was never going to lose focus on you my mission.

You see,
When I first began on this mission,
I could have sworn nothing was going to cloud my visions,
I knew within me I had all the provisions,
Because the definition of my passion wasn’t fiction.

My intuition told me if only I drove far enough,
My credibility would be good enough;
So I yielded to the pain- hurt- tears- only long enough
to realise ‘near enough isn’t always good enough’

I was set to make a difference,
But became selfish and
things began presenting themselves differently,
The change didn’t come from anything else
but the man that became different
And yes- they are indeed different!

Like fractions,
We began dividing our future actions,
Knowing no compromise,
we apologised with each subtraction,
Subjections- as we floated on cloud nine with each motion.

As with more and more intense pressure,
it became more rocky
I feared for the present because
though the future smelled rosy,
In the now- what I feared presently exist as ‘us in the past’
When I first started on the this mission,
I had a pretty good definition of my position
we promised and hoped she would last.

We fell and blamed it on time
we grew distant and blamed it on distance
we lost touch for the fear of the communication we couldn’t account for
we fell in love and lost lust infatuated it from us

If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t try to impress you
I wouldn’t try to please you beyond my control
I wouldn’t pretend to be someone else
I would try so hard, not to be obsessed about you

If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t be selfish for me
I would be selfish for us
you would never be wrong with me
I would only tell you about your wrongs

If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t love your with all my heart, soul and body
I would rather love you as my neighbor
then, as myself
I wouldn’t love you more- I wouldn’t love you less

If I could turn back the hands of time
we wouldn’t ignore our shortcomings
encouraging us to significantly not take notice
our love wouldn’t be blind- I promise
at sight, with love- in time; we would always correct each other

But I can’t turn back the hands of time
I come into our love with One Less mistake
if there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s that
I love you, is more than just a word.

I Love You.

With LOVE,

Happy New Month




Live a life worthy of Praise- Be happy with who you are…. Have a fruitful month…

Much Love,
Oluwatosin Olanode *sst*

Taking Jesus to the World- Part 2


The whole message of Christianity entails taking Jesus to the world.

Have we ever wondered what it actually means to take Jesus to the world?

Has the book of Matthew 28:18-20 become so familiar, that it’s limited only to preaching the Word with our mouth?

Taking Jesus to the world- what does this mean?

‘To take something’ means to ‘carry’ that thing- if you are carrying or picking up something; it means it wasn’t in your hand before and must have been somewhere else. Our  ability to carry implies we also have the ability to leave it- it is a choice. We can decide to take Jesus to the world and likewise decide not to take Him to the world.
Are there places we take Jesus to and places we don’t?

In a worldly setup- take relationship for instance, there is no way in hell’s way that you would ever take your side chick as a man to meet your wife unless you wanted to replace the equation- but untill then…
So it is with the concept of Jesus- are there people or places you feel your association with Jesus is a risk- a temptation- an embarrassment? Or worse, is wrong?
Is Jesusjust a ‘side chick’ to us?

In the bid to try and ‘feel among’ with the ‘big boys, big girls, fashionistas, those current and trending’ etc., we forget to take Jesus along…

Are we justified by our sunday and worship days ministration to people who have come to see Christ, so much so that we think our great commission to ‘go and make desciples to all nations’ (not just those that come to church) no longer  count on other days And moments?

Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what’s God’s and so like a radio station playing random songs ( including music that do not glorify God) to make ‘ends meet’ as a business, from Sunday afternoon to Saturday midnight- turning all gospel and spiritual on sunday mornings; only to return to their Caesar 12:00pm that same sunday- Because we too only belong to Jesus in part, we only share and show Jesus when its the custom- ignoring Him when it comes to profit and the’ business of the day’
Cuz let’s face it- ‘Jesus is bad for business’, ‘Jesus puts us in a box’ (I really wipe because these statements were made by christians- can we ever be so creative that we become more creative than the one that created us? )

I recall a moment in time when Jesus in all authority declared ‘His glory He will share with no one’…

What does it mean to take Jesus to the World?
How do we even take Him to the world?
We cannot give what we do not have
We cannot take Jesus to the world if we’ve not got Him

I hear you say ‘I’ve got Jesus’- where then did you drop him?
Where are you hiding Him?
Where are you taking Him to?
Where is Jesus suppose to be- be in your life?

‘Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears me and opens the door, I’ll enter and dine with him’…

Which part of us is God still knocking at?
What parts of our life and associations is God still locked out from?
‘Let us make man in OUR image and after OUR Likeness’

‘Your body is the temple of the Most High God’
‘No longer I but Christ that lives I me’

As a christian, there shouldn’t be a difference between you and Him- for we house and reflect Him. His perfection, His way of life is what we are all trying to reach, so in other to get the same results as Christ, we must not be found different from Him. We are ‘ambassadors of Christ’- when people see us, they should be able to see a perspective of Jesus in us. This implies that where ever we take ourselves, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO TAKE JESUS THERE TOO.
This truth will only make sence if we are conscious and accept the fact that we are created in the Image of  Christ to represent Him here on earth.

Taking Jesus to the world means we are aware of who we carry on the inside and are willing to let the world know so evidently with our lives everywhere we find ourselves with whosoever we find ourselves.

When last did you take Jesus to the world?
It’s so simple-
Be who you are- whom He created you to be,
and they will see Jesus in YOU!!!

Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 42:8, 2 Corinthians 5:20, Galatians 2:20,
1st Corinthians 6:19, Genesis1:26-27

Oluwatosin Olabode

Letter to your Church-



                               Taking Jesus to the World- PART 1

                                  ( a study of Revelation 3:14-22)

It starts with YOU…
You’ve got to have Him to be able to take Him to the world.
You’ve got to open all doors for Him to be able to work well with you.
You’ve got to be consistent and trustworthy;
He is a Spirt Being, not your luggage- so when you’ve got Him, He’s not something you just drop and pick anytime; anywhere you go, He goes. Whosoever you meet, He meets…

                                          Revelation 3: 14-22


The words of a confirmed Seal- (His words are yea and amen- 2nd Corithians 1:20)- God’s yes- THE FAITHFUL, TRUE WITNESS, THE RULER OF GOD’S CREATION.
In other words, these words you are about to hear are without contradiction (Hebrew 7:7a)- they are absolutely true…. no doubt!


I KNOW YOUR DEEDS- your works are ever before me- your deepest secrets are before me. What the world does not know and must not know about you, are before me- your fears, your struggles…. I know your deeds THAT YOU’RE NEITHER COLD NOR HOT.
When I compare you in these hidden moments (our lives from sunday afternoon to Saturday night) with you, on your worship days ( visible days like sunday service…. Wednesday revival, etc)… I cannot say- I cannot say…
I see a hand lifted (meant to be holy) in worship and that same hand’s fingers in places it was never suppose to be just last night… is He mine… is he not? I WISH YOU WERE EITHER ONE OR THE OTHER!
Sitting on the fence saves nonody… unless you accept that you are wearing blue; you cannot change the cloth to purple which is the themed colour. If you think you are ‘saved’, you would never work towards salvation. But once you get an understanding of were you stand, you would know what to do- what to accept. I WISH- God wishes we were for Him, or at the very least, against Him, for In that case, He would make sense when He approaches us. What does a ‘saved’ person need salvation for? He wouldn’t sound  stupid… we all need to check ourselves- are we not there yet, because we’re in the working process, or is it because we think we are already there? We need to evaluate ourselves- where do I- where do I stand?


I never knew you (Matthew7:23)- even though to you, you were righteous, you went about seemingly doing the great commission- you supposedly claim to know me, I never knew you. For this reason, not everyone that calls me Lord Lord will inherit my kingdom (Matthew 7:21). SO BECAUSE YOU ARE LUKEWARM- NEITHER HOT NOR COLD- I AM GOING TO SPIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH.


YOU SAY I AM RICH… but I did good- preached the gospel- came to church and I’m even a worker- ok, I’m not a worker, but at least, I’m a member of the congregation- I gave money to the poor- i evangelise… I HAVE ACQUIRED WEALTH AND DO NOT NEED A THING.
Ssshhh…Stop there!
DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOU’RE WRETCHED, PITIFUL… lets be honest, aren’t you pitiful? Those weaknesses that you wouldn’t let go- the one no one is aware of,  the one you have not handed over to God, aren’t you shameful of them- the fact that you cannot preach to someone (unless you lie) because you are also guilty of that thing- isn’t that a thing of shame- the fact that you have to open your mouth to say ‘I am a christian’ because people cannot see it in your life- isn’t it a pity? Acts 11:26b they people were CALLED christians… in those moments of weaknesses, when feeling among syndrome sets in,  peer pressure… are you not wretched? POOR, BLIND AND NAKED.


I COUNSEL YOU… Advice, admonish, request…
My God…Jesus is so so cool…. His calm Spirit- the gift of the Holy Spirit is ever present to counsel and advice us on how to Do things in accordance with the guidelines of God, given to us in the Bible… I counsel you TO BUY FROM ME-
God is saying you have been buying his products in other places- they might look alike, feel alike, but they can never be the same. Every product has an original and a fake… God is saying enough of the fake- the tradition- the norms, the religious acts alone- come and get the original- the everlasting from me… SO YOU CAN BECOME RICH… SO YOU CAN COVER YOUR SHAMEFUL NAKEDNESS… SO YOU CAN SEE. So we can be complete.


… BE EARNEST… Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
It’s you I’ve been waiting for all this years-
If Jesus comes today, where will you go- where will your eyes Go- where will your mouth, your sense organs, your sex organs- where will they go? Will your character allow your personality make heaven? Jesus said ‘until His word reaches the end of the earth before He comes’ (Matthew 24:14)… has the word reached your atritude when people annoy you? Has it reached your patience at the gas station or when at the store? (Where else do you think preaching is most practical?) The problem is that, we are so carried away with verbal preaching that we forget to live it and yet, if only we knew the messages our lifestyles preach every day. THOSE WHOM I LOVE I REBUKE AND DISCIPLINE. SO BE EARNEST, AND REPENT. I tell you you these things because I love you,  so now that you know HURRY and repent, be transformed,  renew your mind,  do that, that is acceptable before God and not just man (Romans 12:2).


Imagine with me for just a second- picture a school building…
that structure Represents your life.  (We are the temple of God- 1st corinthians 6:19- our body is a home- it houses God).
Now would you say because you’ve open the door at the reception, no longer see need to open the other doors? How would the student get into their various classes if the doors are locked? How will the staff get into thier offices if the doors are locked? Would you say because you have opened one door which is linked in the school structure, not open the other doors and expect school activities to run fine? Likewise our lives- which doors are still shut down from god?

HERE I AM! I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK (which door? whose door?). IF ANYONE ( alot of us read this scripture and be like, ‘ God must be talking to that sinner- yes it has to be that lady looking like a prostitute in church; if she doesn’t have anything else to wear, must she come to church? It has to be those corrupt politicans- it has to be that idiot who wouldn’t raise his hands when the pastor clearly requested of all of us to do so- it has to be this- it has to be that- YOU KNOW WHOM YOU’VE THOUGHT THIS SCRIPTURE FITS BEST- BUT NO, IT CAN’T BE ME!)
HEARS MY VOICE AND OPENS ( this is very important- it’s not just about hearing, you must open to be significant! What seperates you from from a pagan is your ability to Open that door for God to enter, not just your ability to hear- hearing takes going to church, amongst other things- who doesn’t these days- Opening on the other hand, takes going to Jesus- big difference)
THE DOOR, I WILL COME IN ( draw near to me and I’ll draw Near to you (James 4:8)- draw your weaknesses to me, cast your burden upon me (1st Peter 5:7) and I will handle them for you and I will cast me cares upon you- Matthew 11:29-30)
Are there still doors in your life you have not yet been able to let God in for whatsoever reason?

A man is married to 1 wife but has a girlfriend(side chick) outside. The fact that he does not take his ‘side chick’ home or to important family related functions, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist- in fact, she is only not significant enough in that setup- because such a man, in the ‘company of like minds- flirts’, would rather go with his side chick than his wife. Here’s the thing- as the husband in the representation of your life- who is Jesus? Is He a wife on sunday and on other worship days but a side chick when you’re out with your friends, who is Jesus when you’re alone– when trials and temptations set in? Who is He when opportunities and big businesses knock? Isn’t He a wife that limits you and puts you in a box, or is He your ‘side chick’ that allows you do any and everything to her-
When we limit Jesus to just a ‘side chick’ in our lives; we become people-pleasers, instead of God-pleasers, YET, all in the name of God- how ironic!!!

Verse 20 does not say God is speaking to sinners (though inclusive) as many of us have selfishly misinterpreted- but to anyone who needs to hear- as much to sinners, as it is to Saints
Untill your whole life- body, soul and spirit is surrendered to Jesus, you cannot encourage others to do the same.
For instance, until you open the door for God to handle your backbiting, abusive and gossiping mouth as much as you have with your eyes, you cannot fully take Jesus To the world, so that you’re not watching porn doesn’t mean you cannot go to hell for lying about somebody! And how do you tell someone that knows you’re a liar that watching porn is bad? Wouldn’t he think you a liar…

Taking Jesus to the world means Matthew 28:18-20 (as we would study in Part 2).
We are asked to go into the World- not into parts of the world.
Now, if you are intending to go into the whole world,  wouldn’t it be better and make more sense to go with your whole life?
Or you are ok with the tradition- sunday tablets like radio stations?
Are you a part time christian?
Are you sure your Christianity is not just you acting when it is convenient?
Taking Jesus to the world begins with you OPENING that door- those doors God is still knocking at-

Why not begin to pray for grace to let go and let God…
I encourage you to Open that door today….



Stubbornness does not pay-
he who has ear
Let him hear

Take Jesus into your life
And you wouldn’t have
Problems taking Him to the world.

If you struggle
You are only taking
The ‘knowledge of Jesus you know’
And not Jesus to the world.

With love
Oluwatosin Olabode *sst*

Part 2, coming soon!