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Good Morning-

Start your day knowing YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT…

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You Can Become-


You can have a heart that forgives,
But to do this, you will need at least a
person that offended you, a willing spirit,
a Heart wanting to be freed from pain and you;
A person that knows we are all but humans…

You can become deaf to the evil
desires of this world, the lust of the
eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of
life, but to do this, you will need a sound moral
believe, a good and obedient Child, the Holy
Spirit and a supreme Being (God) leading you all the way….

You can become a responsible
citizen of any country, but to be this,
You will need a person with focus, at
least a person he is responsible for, a labor market,
And a thousand excuses that won’t put him down…

  You can become rich, but to get
this, you will need a person that
knows he is poor, a heart and mouth
absent of excuses, a hand ready
for work and a sweaty face…  

You can make him obtain favour
from God, but to do this, you will need,
A gentleman, a GOOD Lady, a church, a priest
for the joining  and a couple of witnesses…    

This is just one way;
But the best I know…
… Amongst many that you can,
You can become.  

God bless,
Olabode Oluwtosin-

To Worship You, I Live

Art by keenea

Undoubted assurance…
The nature I am in you…

Yes Father
I hear you
Your mercies are new
every morning…

I see “the Truth”
Lord, I see “you”
I feel your Spirit
That’s why I’m here…

In a glimpse of you
I capture my essence
I grasp my nature…
The world becomes invisible
I begin to dwell in your presence
I begin to abide under your shadow
The home of peace…

Once in your presence
There is calmness amidst the storm…
In that still moment
I know you; I know you my God…

And so-
I lift my hands in worship
My soul cries out your praise,
As I see myself in you
I let myself completely loose in you...

My heart says
“To worship you, I live”…

With love

Jesus !!!

He’s the one for whom the world was created
Whether in heaven or on earth, or even beneath the earth
Whether principalities or powers, or even kingdoms
Whether visible or invisible
He’s the sum of all creation…

He’s the one that founded the foundation of the earth in the air
Seperated the sky from the ground without any pillar
He’s the careful one that has made us full of care
So faithful; He made us full of faith…

He paid taxes though they called him a revolutionary
He was affirmed a carpenter but he confounded scholars
Religious folks waited for  his church showcase yet
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