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Good Morning-

Start your day knowing YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT…

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The Unchanging Power of the Truth

A Study of Matthew 27:32-61 with a focus on verse 37 (Kjv)

‘… and set up over His head His accusation written, ‘this is Jesus the king of the Jews’…”-37

From our understanding of the Bible, Jewish people did not believe and still do not believe in Jesus, to be the King of the Jews (the Messiah). This was even the accusation labeled against Him as scripture explains it, but why wasn’t the inscription- “This is Jesus who claims to be the king of the Jews”? Surely it couldn’t have been a space problem!

Yes, in so doing they tried to mock Him, but when dealing with the Truth, whether consciously or unconsciously, even your enemies cannot deny it. It is important to note that it would have made more sense if the inscription was the latter expression because, there were people who didn’t know Jesus as King- let alone as someone who claimed to be one. Therefore, it would only be normal for them to see Jesus and know exactly what he is guilty of- Remember, the inscriptions are placed so that people can know what your offense is; in the case of the robbers; anyone seeing them would know they were guilty of robbery, not that they claimed to have robbed. But in the case of Jesus, as the Bible tells us, the Jews did not crucify Him because ‘He claimed to be the king’ but because ‘He is the king’, as recorded in verse 37 of our study guide.

The point is this- As seen from Vs.51-54, the truth will always come out; though delayed- it can never be denied.  When people falsely accuse you, or when people try to hold you down from the truth of who you are, learn from Jesus- hold on to God and they themselves,  will be the ones to affirm to the truth of who you are.

Jesus at any point could have wanted to ‘show off’ and freed Himself from them “but for the joy set before Him, He endured till the very end”. One Key truth Christ left us with from this message is that when we find ourselves in such trying times ( of whatsoever nature), whatever decision we decide to take should always remain in the will of God and in so doing, in the presence of our accusers, we will be liberated and subsequently celebrated.

I therefore decree and declare for you today, in the name that is above all names; that anyone that wants to deny the glory God has placed upon your life, will be the same person to promote it in Jesus name!!!

The story of Joseph and Esther-as seen in Genesis 37-41 and Esther 2-7, respectively, further explain this prayer. 


When the enemy is done planning; God’s blessings always comes! If the enemy doesn’t repent, he will fall into the trap he set for you. Here’s the good news though and the message of the cross, the enemy can repent; that is why Christ died on the cross- To Bring Forgiveness and Hope in Salvation.

God bless you as you walk in His footsteps…

Get God Involved 

As a christian youth, i have often struggled with the idea behind understanding one’s purpose. More often than not, i’ve been perplexed with ‘why’ and ‘how’ to accomplish this purpose, even when i seemingly knew what it was.

It can really be frustrating when we do not understand why we exist, or for what purpose we live. It is therefore said that,  ‘to know the purpose of something… always ask the manufacturer’, but this has become a  cliché. This is because we always talked about it to the hearing of the manufacturer, but never to that point were he has a say in the conversation.

As a christian, i know my creator is God and his manual is the Bible, from experience, i know that it is only in getting God involved that the true  definition of our purpose can be revealed.

Get to Know God, seek him and you will find your purpose. You are already on this journey; get God involved.

God bless you

Oluwatosin Olabode

Dear Husbands


One thing that can limit your prayers-
One sure thing that can HINDER your prayers is treating your wives with Disrespect. Once there is an interference with your prayer life  (your lifeline to communicating with God), then, there will be no ‘peace of mind’, calm and absolute joy that can only be gotten from God.

1st Peter 3:7
Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives,
and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers. (NIV)…

Proverbs 18:22
He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the

It’s simple- you beat her and God retains His favour. You call her weak and your life reflects weakness (little wonder you find succour in pride…drugs….alcohol and punches).

When the Bible says ‘weaker vessels’, it implies that men are also ‘weak’- just not as ‘weak’ as women…(contextual)

Therefore, the process of submission for a woman- YOUR WIFE is a duty and not a function of her person.  If it was her person and not a role as it is; the bible would have recommended her to be submissive to every man, but it says TO YOUR OWN HUSBAND (1st Peter 3:1a).. It’s that simple- she isn’t ‘lesser’ than you- SHE UPGRADES YOU!!!

Colossians 3:18
Wives, submit yourselves unto your OWN husbands, as it is fit in the Lord… (KJV)

Ephesians 5:24
Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their OWN husbands in every thing… (KJV)

With love
Oluwatosin Olabode (sst).

Dear Wives….coming soon.

Good day sir,


You need to understand that we are in the world, but not of the world. This is because our home is in heaven.

Now, since we are citizens of heaven here on earth, it would only be proper to state that earth must be conducive enough for us to be able to accomplish our God given mandates- implying that heaven can be found on earth, but no earth in heaven (as we are not from earth in heaven). This is why in the final days, everything will pass away,but for the word of God that remains.

Remember, in the beginning of creation, we were created in the image and likeness of God, and the Word of God is God, because, in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the Word was God- the same Word became flesh, and we know only Jesus who is God became flesh for our sins, then, if this is true(and it is true), it means that we are the image of the Word; and so, if the Word remains, so do we… eternally(though it depends were some people’s eternity will be(hell I mean)but for us(that have been saved by grace) and you that is willing to become the son of God (therefore not being of this world), we have our eternity returning back home as worthy ambassadors.

Note, He came to the world and the world knew him not, this is only because He isn’t one of them- but to those that accepted Him; this means that there are people in the world who have also realised that they are not from the world- and so recognised Him when He came, because they are from the same place…

While there is no world in the word, the word can be found in the world, therefore, if your desire is to go back to heaven (where there is no earth), stop doing earthly things(things that don’t  glorify God) and start doing heavenly things(things that glorify God). I’m sure you get the idea… a godly lifestyle is still possible in our generation.

Remember, while coming to earth is not much of a choice, going back to heaven is. It’s yours to choose today- God gave us that choice!

Would you be so kind as to let me deliver a brief message to you…

Good day sir/ma,
if you would like to know more about the idea of heaven and how to eternally be in Christ, kindly visit my YES TO JESUS page immediately, and if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour (which means you’re sure of heaven) then witness this truth to others as the crown of soul willing awaits you in heaven…

Thank you and God bless.

Oluwatosin Olabode (SST).

Don’t You Think we Need to Wakeup?


You know you were once better,
You know you want to be better,
You know you need to be better,
But you know you ain’t getting any better…

You know there is a zeal,
You know you’ve broken the seal,
You know you desire to heal,
But you know you ain’t committed to the deal…

You have suddenly forgotten the communication called ‘prayer’,
You have even lost touch with patience in that area,
You worry but never work to become better,
But when you get ‘to thinking’-
you always remain bitter…

You are neither hot nor cold,
Neither here nor there,
Neither weak nor strong,
You are walking in grace-
when your life, to Him, speaks disgrace…

You could be better,  but you’re not,
Even worse- you do not know ‘where you’re not’,
You perceive and assume to be safe,
But your thoughts are far from the truth-
as the south is from the north.

If you were a better christian/believer/person,
Yesterday than today,
And your words are louder than your lifestyle,
Then, you’re in a Spiritual Coma,
In this state, the only city is known as ‘Sleep’

Spiritual Coma-
Don’t you think we need to wake up?

     Oluwatosin Olabode (sst)

Keeping Tabs- Life in 2015

These are moral lessons life teaches us daily as we are becoming who we would become, Life meets each and every one of us in different ways, so if these lessons don’t directly apply to you, feel free to drop some lessons below that might apply to us…

  • Life is a reflection of you.
  • Life is beautiful when your heart is beautiful; life is ugly when your heart is ugly.
  • Life entails your “being” not your “doing”.
  • ‘Life is only a mistake, when after its occurrence you learnt nothing’.
  • Love is hurtful to the other person when one chooses selfish self-protection against giving the other a chance to earn trust
  • ‘To love the most; one must come to terms with “love bears all thing”.
  • “When the teacher is teaching and your mind is somewhere else, when an exam is set, the answer will be somewhere else”.
  • ‘When you want to show off, make sure you are alone’.
  • When you want to complain,  come-plain.
  • When it’s time to get out, GET OUT!!!
  • Never use your good moments alone to judge who people are, always take note of them when things are at the worst for you.
  • There is healing in silence, but it is not the cure to any problem.

Food for thought-

The year is in its second month, are you in the second (or better put, a more productive) phase of your plans for the year or those resolutions have since become forgotten issues?

from your very own SST
Strictly Simple from Tosin

Yes Jesus

Today’s Guest Post is by an amazing friend and colleague- Coauthor of ‘The Big One’
Onyinyechi uórji


So I said yes to ‘Him’…again.

The silvery rays of the moon entwined with the night breeze to birth an atmosphere of serenity, its fingers creeping into the room, filling it with much coolness. I pulled my cardigan around me and looked out of the window. I could feel his gaze on my face so much that I shuddered, but still didn’t look at him.

I couldn’t. Something in my past kept haunting me.

Years before, when we met, it was love at first sight. Though I was just in sS2 and he was way older, it didn’t matter because he made feel like a woman in every way, not the clumsy girl everyone else saw. He shared my joys, held me through pains and loved me like no other. Though he had a job and was pretty busy, he always made out time to be with me. He knew my friends and they loved him. Our love blossomed by the day and it felt like i couldn’t survive a day without him. I couldn’t imagine being without him….

Then I got into the university and everything changed.

The rigors of lectures, assignments, tests, projects and all was so overwhelming that I barely had time for myself, much less ‘US’.

Once, when I’d managed to squeeze out time to see him, he’d taken my hands in his, stared somberly at them for a while, “I love you…but I can feel you drifting away from me.” And I could hear the sadness in the depths of his

He was right because in the weeks and months that followed, we grew apart, saw each other less and talked less until we lost contact- more like I lost contact because he tried in every way to bridge the gap but I pushed him away on the premise that I was busy with my studies and didn’t want to be distracted in any way.

I walked away from him and I felt something die in me.

I got my freedom but I soon discovered it came with a price tag. I dabbled into the wrong relationships, made the wrong choices, lost my innocence, and the academics I’d been so occupied with crashed. Before long, I’d evolved into the woman I never dreamt I’d be, one so different from the one he’d made me feel like.

That was when I remembered him.

I searched for him with so much anguish, not even knowing where to go because we’d lost contact for over 4years. I searched for him where I could, asked around to no avail. I’d sit on my bed, weeping, reliving moments we shared…moments that had become mere memories buried in the sands of time.

Then one day, I heard these words from a sermon, “remember where you lost it, go back and do the works you did at first…” and it quickly struck me: There was one place I hadn’t looked! A place he’d promised to be every day, at a certain time, waiting for me. A place we’d found and held so dear because it brought us together. Our meeting place!

I ran all the way to the place, whilst hoping and praying he’d be there after all these years.

And he was there! Propped against the wall with his hands folded across his chest and his feet crossed, he looked more handsome than he was the last time I saw him, such perfect picture of tranquility that my heart melted and my feet wobbled beneath me. When he saw me, he ran to me, lifted me in his arms and spun me around with so much laughter, whilst professing his undying love for me. Then he looked into my eyes, wiped the tears and with forgiveness in his voice, he said those words I’d longed to hear all these years…” I love you.*

Now we sat across each other and I couldn’t bring myself to look at him; my past haunts me so much that I feel like a slut, yet he sat there with so much desire and love reflecting in his eyes. How could he have come here every day all these years, hoping I’d return one day? How could he have waited for me all these years…? How could he even look at me with so much love? Will things ever be the same?

“Now you’re here and that’s all that matters to me.” He said quietly, as though reading my thoughts. I finally turned to look at him. Who’s this guy??

“But the past….”

“Has been forgotten. My love is much stronger,” he said, stretching out his hands towards me.

I flew with total abandon into his waiting arms and immersed myself in the wealth of his love. I said yes to him…again.

Him? Yes, Jesus.

Wait a sec! Don’t think I’m being ‘sister Mary-ish’; it’s far from it. In life we make choices for various reasons and I’ve made mine.

I said yes to him because he’s loved me like no other and has taught my heart to love and my hands to work.

I said yes to him because he knows my weaknesses and strengthens me…and my knees to pray.

I said yes to him because he shows my feet the right path, bringing me closer to the Father.

I said yes to him because he teaches me wisdom and prudence, fills my hear with joy and lights my face with smiles, making me more beautiful.

So in the end, he’s molding me into his choice lady, a refined rib that will fit into my Adam’s ribcage, to be his helpmeet and companion, not a burden.

“I love you and I want all of you” He said.

Putting my arms around him I said, *You can have all of me…every part of me”, and I this time, I knew nothing could separate him from me.

I may not know what the future holds but I’m held by the one who knows the future!!!

Onyinyechi Uórji