All articles here are to the glory of God written, so all thanks be given to him.

I do not claim ownership of any article that my name does not reference…

I post articles after every 7 days…except otherwise…

Please as you read the articles, let me know what you felt or thought, if it affected or encouraged you, or you’ve a question to ask, please feel free to drop a note either in the post or to my email address. I will always get back to you, so you can always check back. My aim is not just to present well-constructed articles (as I didn’t even study anything of that nature, but I still do my best though, and any advice is accepted) but to touch lives so in turn they can do the same with respect to everyone around them

The YES TO JESUS page is a page were those who have never given their life to Christ can come to and freely check to see reasons why they should and hopefully will(it’s a good link to send to your friends, you never can say who God will use you to save)…


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